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The company is specialized in residential and industrial air conditioning as well as photovoltaic energy.

Our target is the construction of comfortable spaces to live and to work in a comfortable way, respecting the environment using the energy in a responsible way.

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Photovoltaic Solar Energy

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Air Conditioning Systems

The Advantages

The solar energy is an inexhaustible source and it is not subject to unforeseeable prices movements due to speculation.

It is clean and an environmental respectful energy.

Its fundamental elements, solar panels, do not contaminate (they neither produce steams, odor, nor noise) and have a high durability, since they do not have mobile components.

These characteristics award a high ecological value and a very valued social image.

In isolated premises the comfort and standard of living is improved by providing the possibility to use electrical appliances in private households or farming.

In facilities connected to the electrical power grid, it allows to sell this energy and obtain an economic benefit.

Works to be executed

The solar panels can be installed on roofs, patios or vertical surfaces of buildings harmonized with the building design.

The additional equipment can be located in interior spaces, like cellars, garages, storage rooms, industrial facilities, etc.

The Fundamentals

The photovoltaic solar energy is based on the characteristic of certain materials to generate electricity when exposed to solar radiation. Using this phenomena photovoltaic modules transform solar energy into electricity.

This electricity can be used in different ways:

  • In an electric power distribution network; it needs a previous conversion - regulation (voltage and frequency) for interconnection to the power grid.
  • Domestic electrification: to provide energy in locations of difficult access to the electrical power grid.
  • To provide electricity to facilities with limited and/or high costs for access to conventional electrical power supply,
  • To store the electric power in batteries for later use.


Industrial facilities, hotels, hospitals, sports centers, single family houses or apartment buildings, advertisement or highway illumination , air conditioning facilities, swimming pools, gyms, illumination of ships, urban lighting, camping, farms and agriculture facilities, pumps, etc

We offer

  • Sale, installation and system maintenance of air conditioning and solar energy in different ambiences:
    • housings
    • offices
    • commercial shops
    • semi-industrial (mini VRV) and industrial plants (VRV)

  • Planning: study and design of the installation, calculation of conduits and refrigerating lines.

  • Technical advice: Calculation of charges and system selection both in air conditioning as well as in ventilation and diffusion.

  • Conceptual Design: Development of solutions adapted to the needs of our clients.

  • Conceptual Design: Installation certificates for small facilities without construction planning (between 5 and 70 kW) and for facilities above 70 kW, descriptive memory, thermal charges, planes. Presentation to authorities in both cases.

Industrial area

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  • Thermal and Photovoltaic solar energy
  • Variable refrigerant volume air conditioning - VRV
  • Refrigeration systems
  • Hot air heating
  • Unit heater and installation of Photovoltaic Energy
  • Ventilation and extraction

Domestic area

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  • Thermal solar energy
  • Air conditioning
  • Heating

More services

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  • Project design and legalization of facilities
  • Holistic facilities
  • Maintenance of equipment and facilities
  • Technical service and repair

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Aconfort is a Member of Al Habtoor Enterprises.

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